Волк выходит на охоту


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I was trying to find Shadumbra and saw someone killed him at 63.50. I went to 58.54, as stated above and waited for respawn…..wait wait wait no spawn went back to 63.50 and he was there. it seems that he spawn at 63.50 and paths to 58.54.Saw him spawn at 58.54 too

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Links:Ursangous — http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=12678Shadumbra — http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=12677Sharptalon — http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=12676

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I did this quest this afternoon, no problem at all, for 27-28 hunter with a well-trained pet. All three went down pretty easy — esp with the hippogryph, send your pet in to take the aggro and pepper him with everything in your spellbook. He’s lvl 31, and came up as a pale red number for me, but i didn’t take any damage at all. Enjoy!

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Surely that «level 20» is a typo? The enemies are level 25, 28, and 31… no way can a level 20 character handle this solo.Shadumbra, for example, is completely immune to shadow damage—which means my warlock was helpless against her.

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Each of them drops an item which starts a quest, where the objective is to hand in to the dude @ splintertree. So its not permanent, they all have their own «quest».Btw, if u kite Sharptalon to the guards, make sure u do about 50% of the dmg, else u wont get the kill and won’t be able to loot the item 😉

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I accepted and did the quest that the orc in org gave me, the one that starts the ashenvale hunt, but I cant continue on the quest even though I did deliver it to that tauren female in splintertree post, Ashenvale.. Any help??

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Seems there is still some confusion about this. All three drop something, right click on the item that drops and it will activate the quest. Blizzard forgot to include that in the tooltip.

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worth completin’ all 3 kills, once all handed in I still got an extra 3grand + xp (at L32) which made the naff hunters cape reward bearable!

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There seems to be some sort of bug with this quest. I walked up and it had a yellow exclamation point, but when i tried to accept it only had the option of complete quest. I did «complete» it, but i can no longer even see the yellow exclamation point. I did not receive exp for the quest either.

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To add to Jagged’s post on the coords of the mobs, here is a map of their general spawn areas.Ursangous (bear) — 41,65Shadumbra (cat) — 58, 54Sharptalon (hippogryph) — 74, 68

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I just had exactly the same thing happen to me. I was not paying attention and thought I just accepted a quest as usual, then I checked in list and it was not there. Chat log says «The Ashenvale Hunt» completed. NO XP EITHERUpdate:This seems to be the way the quest was intended to play out.Quoted from edgewynnFirst start by talking to Senani Thunderheart :The Ashenvale Hunt quest (http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=6383) (http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=12696).Then you kill the 3 mobs and each item will start its own quest turn in back to Senani @ Splintertree PostUrsangous’s Paw: just north of the Talondeep Path (39.67) 1950 xp(http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=23)Shadumbra’s Head: just west of Raynetree Wood (54.54) 2200 xp(http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=24)Sharptalon’s Claw: just south of Splintertree Post(73.61) 2450 xp(http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=2)Plus you get 3050xp for final completion of all 3.

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Also to note is that Sharptalon is very near Splintertree and easily kite-able to the guards there. Being that he is level 31, it was the only way for me to take him down as a level 26 priest.

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Thank you to all who clarified this quest; I didn’t accept it right away and then ran around Azeroth trying to restart it, unsuccessfully. I finally put in a GM ticket and the reply was simply to kill the 3 beasts….GM did not explain that they each start their own quest and that the quest isn’t lost because it’s not in my quest log!

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Here is a macro that will target and mark each one with a skull/tar shadumbra/tar ursangous/tar sharptalon/script SetRaidTarget(«target», 8);


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Need to reach the building at 70.63 , 32.10 in Hook Point for this one. Entrance at 70.39,32.46 (facing out into the harbour)

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Ghost Busting quest can be started in Boralus Harbor from Деклан Сенал herbalism trainer.I was able to take it after ~55-75 level of profession skill.

  • Go to windrider and turn left (take the stairs down)
  • Move strait till you see the harbour and turn right
  • You need to enter first house after the gates.Entrance is from water side of the houseYou can see wooden stairs. Take them and turn right.Use Тлеющий пучок звездного мха inside the house.

/way Boralus 53.92 52.47 Angry Spiri house entrance/way Boralus 54.76 50.99 Step 3 take wooden stairs and turn right/way Boralus 65.57 45.19 Step 2 turn right/way Boralus 67.49 15.47 Step 1 windriderIt is part of the Кул-тирасское травничество quests. Full BfA Herbalism questchain is under the spoiler: Alliance Herbalism BFA quests

Id Quest Skill Rank Questgiver Zone Video
1 Срочная пересадка 25-30 Речной горох Rank 2 Деклан Сенал Тирагардское поморье
2 Разрыв пищевой цепочки 55-75 Речной горох Rank 3 Деклан Сенал Тирагардское поморье
3 Необычный наставник 30 Укус Акунды Деклан Сенал Вол’дун
4 Отвратительный урожай 30 Укус Акунды Пату Вол’дун
5 Отдавая долг природе 30 Укус Акунды Rank 2 Пату Вол’дун
6 Что дальше 120 Укус Акунды Rank 3 Заряженный грозовой стручок Вол’дун
7 Культурное значение 25-30 Морской стебель Rank 2 Деклан Сенал Boralus
8 В поисках памятных вещей 80 Морской стебель Rank 3 Деклан Сенал Тирагардское поморье
9 Знакомьтесь: Сахарный Цветок 50-55 Поцелуй зимы Деклан Сенал Друствар
10 Не могу учить на пустой желудок 50-55 Поцелуй зимы Rank 2 Сюнь-Сюнь Сахарный Цветок Друствар
11 Студеный дар 80 Поцелуй зимы Rank 3 Холодный дар Друствар *
12 Духовно с нами 35 Звездный мох Rank 2 Деклан Сенал Тирагардское поморье *
13 Охота за привидением 55-75 Звездный мох Rank 3 Деклан Сенал Boralus
14 В поисках новых знаний 55-75 Якорь-трава Rank 2 Деклан Сенал Dungeon
15 Гигантский стручок якорь-травы 120 Якорь-трава Гигантский стручок якорь-травы Долина Штормов
16 Больше якорных стручков 150 Якорь-трава Rank 3 Деклан Сенал Долина Штормов *
17 Душистый опылитель 50 Пыльца сирены Мертвое покрытое пыльцой насекомое Друствар *
18 Учимся у профессионалов 50 Пыльца сирены Rank 2 Деклан Сенал Долина Штормов
19 Отвратительно склизкий цветок 150 Пыльца сирены Отвратительно склизкий цветок Друствар *
20 Пыльца на ладони 150 Пыльца сирены Rank 3 Деклан Сенал Друствар *

Skill column is approximate level you need to have to get this quest. It can be lower, i provide here info of level i was able to pick up the quest.* Drop items can drop from related herb in multiple zones. Farm the herb in any zone you want. I provide the recommended zone. Horde questchain has multiple quests with the same name, so can check here: Срочная пересадка

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Go into the waterside of Bo’s Crab Shack in Hook Point. The quest dot will take you to the right place, but outside of the building will give you an error about no spirits being there.

Комментарий от saikodrakie

I was unable to get the quest even with rank 2 in all herb skills and 120 skill, I contacted a GM and he replied saying «sometimes wowhead isn’t accurate, you should try increasing your skill in herb»

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the instructions for this quest are very unclear..it tells you to «cross over»… do not do what the quest tells you to do. ignore the quest text completely and go straight to the objective marker.

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Bo’s Crab Shack is in Hook Point at 54.8, 50.6. Open eating area, walk down stairs towards water and take a right. There is a door leading to interior. I submitted a screenshot.

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Declan Senal

Once again, you’ve proved that I can rely on you. If you swear to tell no one, I’ll tell you the best kept secret of star moss.This is going to sound crazy, but engage it. Talk to it, sing, hum, anything. I’m not sure why, but since I started I’ve noticed one or two extra flowers will bloom before my eyes!
So from now on, every time you pick up star moss, imagine your character is singing little songs and praising the star moss for being a good little flower before picking it up. It’s totally canon now, even if you’re a death knight or a gigantic warrior with a deep booming voice.

Свойства заклинания

Длительность нет
Школа Физический урон
Механика нет
Тип рассеивания нет
Категория ГКД нет
Стоимость Нет
Радиус действия 0 метров (Self)
Время прочтения Мгновенное действие
Восстановление нет
ГКД 0 сек.
Эффект #1 Apply Aura: ?? (Aura #266) (2965)Значение: 2965
Эффект #2 Quest Start (52786)
Эффект #3 Apply Aura: ?? (Aura #336) (13)
  • Может быть использовано при езде верхом
  • Может быть использовано сидя
  • Не зависит от неуязвимости
  • Не прерывает режим скрытности
  • Не создает угрозы
  • Не приводит к смене формы
  • Цель не вступает в бой
  • Может быть использовано, пока оглушен
  • Может быть использовано, пока наложен Страх
  • Используемо в замешательстве
  • Не может быть использовано в рейде


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This quest requires neutral with Sporeggar to pick up. You can loot this off the final boss of Coilfang: Underbog, The Black Stalker. It’s a tough fight so get a good group.

Комментарий от Heathcliff

Probably the craziest PvE grinding trinket you can find; especially for mages and warlocks. This quest will be the first I do when I hit 63.

Комментарий от Sohcahtoa

If you’re a Warlock with Improved Lifetap, get the +200 HP trinket, since the 200 HP translates to 240 mana when you use Lifetap. Also, while I haven’t yet verified it, I’m willing to bet that Fel Armor will also increase the HP gained to 240.

Комментарий от 21404

…except that all the Darkmoon cards are nerfed after lvl 61…and this trinket only requires a trip to the Underbog, as opposed to collecting a deck of 8 cards.

Комментарий от gusanswe

Is this still usable after 70, when u don’t get exp for kills? I think of myself as raiding Restoration druid, and 200 mana every 10 sec sounds nice…

Комментарий от Gravis

As a Shadow Priest, the class the prides itself on stealing killing blows (we need it for the Spirit Tap) the mana trinket is awsome! Essential it takes away the penalty for that cheeky Shadow Word: Death killsteal.

Комментарий от 53384

Both of these are useless for a feral or restro druid! As you grind in cat form, and the mana bar is always full for healing yourself between fights, the 200 health is laughable.There are two problems with the mana trinket… Firstly, you have to get the killing blow, so this is useless for healing druids while grouping, and secondly, it doesn’t proc when you are in cat form, making it useless for grinding!I can see why other classes would love this, however! :/

Комментарий от 320927

This may not be soloable. He does this whip-like thing like the first boss in the nexus, except it sends you halfway through the dungeon, and he resets. I assume one person has to remain in close proximity…..weird.Edit…just did it. Had to pop a runic health potion, but did it!

Комментарий от rnbw

Gave me 1260 rep when revered, though I’m a human in a guild with the +20% reputation buff. So that’s 1050 rep normally, as goldenboi23 noted before me. The 350 listed in the info is wrong. 🙂

Комментарий от RoshiArgentDawn

Yep. Blizzard has nerfed the Rep gained when doing stuff for Sporeggar.Just like Timbermaw Hold, wich has been nerfed extremely much here in Cataclysm.


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«I’m different. I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got Tiger Blood» — Charlie Sheen, actor, warlock, winning.

Комментарий от Unclerukus

The title is a reference to the Nesingwary quest chains, which contain quests named ___ Mastery, the blank being whatever prized creature Hemet or Hemet Jr. is hunting.Obviously, Daggle is hunting for profit.

Комментарий от Herbhaven

This is easily one of the worst quests in the expansion.The tigers are stealthed so you can’t find them from a distance and the blood isn’t a 100% drop rate.THE CREATURE’S BLOOD IS NOT A 100% DROP RATE. WHAT.

Комментарий от 336610

Worst quest so far in the new expansion!I’m at 20+ tigers killed, with 3 vials. 1 tiger takes over half my health. 2 tigers = almost certain death. The drop rate needs to be much higher!

Комментарий от 1042979

hey just try to kill tigers in smaller area on north(aroud 71.22). there is realy good droprate almost any tiger drop it and if you find two ho did not third one drop two pieces of blood. before i find that out i kill about ten tigers and got one piece of blood… good hunt.

Комментарий от 635899

There are two areas with these mobs. One to the north of the quest-giver and in the direction the game points you, and the other to the south by the water where you kill birds for another quest.Go to the south. I killed about 20 in the north and got 0 blood. But after about 9 kills in the southern group I got all the blood I need. So ignore the in-game guide.

Комментарий от alpanhell

This quest is further proof that Blizzard has lost it. They went through a HUGE effort to remove these kinds of quests in lower level zones in Cataclysm yet here they are putting nonsensical low drop rate quests in again (tigers with no blood?)Crazy

Комментарий от Severage

Astoundingly, the Pandaria Wildlife Foundation found in a recent survey that 3 out of 4 Tigers have no blood.To show how low their drop rates for the blood vials are, I got two Массивный клык, which are 5% drops, and a Тростниковый клобук, a .2% drop, before completing the quest.Pretty crazy, huh?

Комментарий от 924646

Sometimes I’m almost ready to throw the PC out the window cuz of Bliz’s idea of a drop rate. Ridiculous when you need 12 of something and the drop is 1 outa 4. Not finished yet but, so far have downed 8 tigers n only 2 bloods. As a player who hates to leave completes behind, it’s just totally frustrating and way too much at times. Good luck n Peace!

Комментарий от 1105392

Get the vials from the shadow tigers around the area.Here’s a video:oapplications.com/tutorials/games/wow/q_pandaria/krasarang/profit_mastery.php

Комментарий от duskmay

Did this quest get stealth hotfixed recently? Remember doing it a few months ago on my Hunter and having the same terrible droprate as others, but did it just now (4/10/13) on my Paladin and was getting 3+ vials of blood per tiger.

Комментарий от 1110564

Really, really, REALLY stupid. Drop rate hovers around 10% I think. I dropped this quest like a hot potato. One more (in addition to the total catastrophe of a new talent system) notch against the folks at Blizzard.Back to Sauerbraten for me.

Комментарий от drewbster

Low drop rate, Charlie Sheen, /ragequit, blahblahblah — seeing that she hadn’t looted any of those corpses makes my skinners kinda sad.

Комментарий от TheCrosshare

If you’re having low level trouble with these, try to find the huntresses fighting the carp eaters. You stillg et credit for the kill and they don’t aggro tooe asily.


Комментарий от LanceofAbel

Refresh my memory. Aren’t the Frostwolves supposed to be the good guys in this expansion? In what backwards universe is this rampage of revenge considered a sane and appropriate course of action? Now, if he just gets away with this and there are no consequences for his actions, I’ll scream. If it becomes a point of tension or it’s just a prelude to something worse happening, I might be convinced to cheer. We’ll see how it goes.

Комментарий от papercup

First time I accepted this quest I ran ahead of the NPCs and Grotan and his crew were bugged for me. I abandoned the quest, reloaded my ui, went back to the questgiver and followed the NPC to Grotan and it worked fine. 7/22/14

Комментарий от TheBobZ

Before accepting this quest, or when you’re done with the quest line you can come back to this area (due to phasing used by this quest). Past where Ga’nar gives you this quest, right before the downward slope to the canyon/ravine there’s an Ogre Waypoint stone/sign post that reads «Definitely not this way to the secret lava pools». Keep heading that direction, using the trails on the right side (you’ll even see some more Ogre signs). Keep going, up past the lava waterfall all the way up to fine a Shamanstone (go up to it and it’ll be one of the different buffs you can activate in your Garrison) and a rare, Primalist Mur’og. Now head back, go down into the canyon and turn somewhat to the left side. Ride to 35, 24 and go up the rock ramp which blends in with the stone; keep going across and you’ll find «Thunderlord Cache» (supplies/treasure). There’s also a rare that spawns right in this area «Canyon Icemother».

Комментарий от manta

Figured it out..1. Accept the quest.2. Then talk to the quest giver, let him know you are ready.3. Do not go down , wait for quest giver to go down , then his followers will go down4. Now go down , trailing his followers.5. Near bottom, you’ll get that 1/1 and that you confronted him.6. At this point, don’t walk away or anything as this is the most important part to finish quest.7. After a small scuffle (which you have to JOIN IN and get in combat), he will take the head of the guy holding the banner and drag him across the floor (quite gruesome ) . Follow him and he will stop ahead a few hundred yarts and curse him and his father, etc. At this point A battle will ensue as adds will rush in, fight them off with quest giver and his followers. after a few bum rushes youll get reinforcements part finished… After a few MORE bumrushes, you’ll get the 2nd part of the reinforcements quest finished. Voila, finished.. Good Luck

Комментарий от Thaonnor

Be extremely careful when doing this in a group. If one player does not talk to him, you cannot go back to get credit. If you drop the quest and return, he despawns immediately after and does not give you the option to talk to him.

Комментарий от tykneetym

If you are doing this on release day (today) or anytime when there is high server load, be patient. Each stage takes several minutes to transition.

Комментарий от Aksannyi

While working through this questline, it all seemed a little familiar, and it wasn’t long before I realized why.Ga’nar is basically Achilles, who runs out recklessly to avenge those slain in the Trojan War. Achilles drags Hector’s body face down, much the same as Ga’nar does during his quest line in Frostfire Ridge. A lot of the things he says are very similar to what Achilles says in The Iliad.If I get a chance to do this quest line over again, I’ll write a more in-depth post, but this entire questline was basically an Orc retelling of The Iliad.


Комментарий от wgrinolds

This is the Horde version of the War Campaign that starts in patch 8.1.Here is the entire quest chain for this part:

  • Война продолжается
  • Борьба за азерит
  • Ярость Орды
  • Зачистка поместья (1)
  • Азеритовые вооружения (2)
  • Дело чести
  • Бесконечная охота
  • Летим навстречу
  • Это победа

Комментарий от Bursi

Война продолжается started at Натанос Гнилостень on the horde ship in Zuldazar after patch 8.1 was live. I’ve completed Готовность к войне before, maybe this matters.

  1. Война продолжается — speak with Леди Сильвана Ветрокрылая, near to you
  2. Борьба за азерит — travel to the north of Тирагардское поморье and meet Рексар
  3. Ярость Орды — speak with him and follow the orcs down the way to meet him again
  4. Зачистка поместья — kill enemies to fill the barАзеритовые вооружения — collect bombs and guns
  5. Дело чести — speak to Rexxar, attack the tank and kill Лейтенант Коул
  6. Бесконечная охота — go to the marked area
  7. Летим навстречу — fly the Гоблинский гирокоптер, use the vehicle bar to kill enemies
  8. Это победа — return to your shipprobably 7k/21k reputation needed to continue
  1. Гоблин из машины — travel to south-west of Zuldazar and meet Торговый принц Галливикс
  2. Моему роботу это нужнее! — use Азеритосос on Малый усиленный азеритом элементаль at the marked area. Don’t have to kill them beforeПредотвращение исков — speak to Гоблин-работник без страховкиs
  3. Машина для убийства — click the ГМЖС robot, it transports you. Use vehicle bar to kill enemies. Click Большая красная кнопка when the quest wants you to do
  4. Техника безопасности — speak to ГМЖС
  5. Робот против Меггакрута — enter ГМЖС again. Click Большая красная кнопка
  6. Условия гарантии — click ГМЖС 3x
  7. Продление гарантии — open cages to save the named goblinsСверхплановые убийства — kill 15 enemies. They also drop Военные планы АльянсаВоенные планы Меггакрута — collect the book at 59 61.8 inside the tent
  8. Робот против корабля — enter ГМЖС, use Азеритовая пушка to destroy the ship. Speak to ГМЖС and fight against Главный механик Меггакрут (only 51% needed)
  9. Успех по гоблинским меркам — return to your ship probably 14k/21k reputation needed to continue

Questline part 1 & 2 took ca. 45 min

  1. Освобождение леди Эшвейн — meet Чародейка Вальтруа
  2. Лицом к лицу с врагом — use Осколок Весары at named NPCsПодобающая униформа — collect items from mobsБлестящая уловка — pick up azerite from the ground
  3. Поездка — go to Натанос Гнилостень
  4. Через парадную дверь — use the dialogue option start the scenarios1: speak to Надзиратель Амикал and watch the roleplays2: click Дозорный дома Праудмуров and send them away. Pick up Мастер-ключ from the tables3: open the prison and free Присцилла Эшвейн s4: open further cell doors to free the Заключенный из корпорации Эшвейновss5: place bombs (nothern door leads downstairs at /way 49.06 36.04) at areas that are marked with yellow dots (Нестабильная азеритовая взрывчатка), watch your world map, and leave the sewers6: kill Надзиратель Амикал s7: follow the NPC to the ship (cinematic) — return to Натанос Гнилостень

Questline part 3 took ca. 15 min

Комментарий от mardox

If your «combat» status is not removed after your fight with Lieutenant Cole, you will see that Rexxar still follows you, and you wont to be able to see him @ quest deliver position./reload doesnt work but you can re-log, so Rexxar will be at quest deliver position..

Стрельба (Ranged Combat)

Autoshot определяет, почему именно охотник — единственный серьезный пользователь луков и ружей: без автоматической стрельбы пауза будет больше необходимой, а значит, все остальные будут стрелять заметно реже охотника.

Hunter’s Mark — то, что надо непременно делать перед атакой, если есть возможность спокойно выбрать цель. Он, во-первых, увеличивает силу стрельбы по цели (и не только вашей, но всей группы), во-вторых, не дает спрятаться от вас под маскировкой или невидимостью (и показывает цель на миникарте). Главное — эта способность не включает боевой режим у монстра.


Способность Ранг Уровень Мана Дальность Время Пауза Цена Примечания
Autoshot 1 35 4 с
Arcane Shot 1 6 25 8-35 6 с   1   13 хитов
Arcane Shot 2 12 35 8-35 6 с   8   21 хит
Arcane Shot 3 20 50 8-35 6 с   29   33 хита
Arcane Shot 4 28 80 8-35 6 с   81   59 хитов
Arcane Shot 5 36 105 8-35 6 с 1 50   83 хита
Arcane Shot 6 44 135 8-35 6 с 2 50   115 хитов
Arcane Shot 7 52 160 8-35 6 с 5 30   145 хитов
Arcane Shot 8 60 190 8-35 6 с 4 70   183 хита
Hunter’s Mark 1 6 15 100   1   +20 к стрельбе
Hunter’s Mark 2 22 30 100   56   +45 к стрельбе
Hunter’s Mark 3 40 45 100 1 60   +75 к стрельбе
Hunter’s Mark 4 58 60 100 5 30   +110 к стрельбе
Concussive Shot 1 8 25 8-35 10 с   2  
Concussive Shot 2 20 40 8-35 11 с   20  
Concussive Shot 3 30 60 8-35 12 с   80  
Concussive Shot 4 40 80 8-35 10 с 1 60  
Concussive Shot 5 50 105 8-35 10 с 3 50  
Concussive Shot 6 60 130 8-35 10 с 4 70  
Serpent Sting 1 4 15 8-35     50 20 хитов за 15 с
Serpent Sting 2 10 30 8-35   3   40 хитов за 15 с
Serpent Sting 3 18 50 8-35   29   80 хитов за 15 с
Serpent Sting 4 26 80 8-35   90   140 хитов за 15 с
Serpent Sting 5 34 115 8-35 1 80   210 хитов за 15 с
Serpent Sting 6 42 150 8-35 3 50   290 хитов за 15 с
Serpent Sting 7 50 190 8-35 3 50   385 хитов за 15 с
Serpent Sting 8 58 230 8-35 5 30   490 хитов за 15 с
Viper Sting 1 36 135 8-35 1 50   616 маны за 15 с
Viper Sting 2 46 175 8-35 3 70   848 маны за 15 с
Viper Sting 3 56 215 8-35 6 40   1108 маны за 15 с
Scorpid Sting 1 22 70 8-35   56   Сила и ловкость — -20
Scorpid Sting 2 32 90 8-35 1 50   Сила и ловкость — -29
Scorpid Sting 3 42 125 8-35 3     Сила и ловкость — -45
Scorpid Sting 4 52 165 8-35 5 30   Сила и ловкость — -68
Rapid Fire 26 100 5 мин   90  
Multi-Shot 1 18 100 8-35 10 с   29   3 цели
Multi-Shot 2 30 140 8-35 10 с   80   3 цели, +40 хитов
Multi-Shot 3 42 175 8-35 10 с 3     3 цели, +80 хитов
Multi-Shot 4 54 210 8-35 10 с 5 80   3 цели, +120 хитов
Volley 1 40 350 8-35 1 мин 1 60   40 хитов в секунду
Volley 2 50 420 8-35 1 мин 3 50   50 хитов в секунду
Volley 3 58 490 8-35 1 мин 5 30   60 хитов в секунду
Flare 32 50 30 15 с 1 50  
Distracting Shot 1 12 20 8-35 8 с   6  
Distracting Shot 2 20 30 8-35 8 с   20  
Distracting Shot 3 30 50 8-35 8 с   80  
Distracting Shot 4 40 70 8-35 8 с 1 30  
Distracting Shot 5 50 90 8-35 8 с 3 50  
Distracting Shot 6 60 110 8-35 8 с 4 70  
Tranquilizing Shot 60 270 8-35 8 с 6    

Concussive Shot с момента своего появления становится основным «зачинателем атаки». Он замедляет противника вдвое на 3 секунды — а это шанс сделать лишний выстрел.

Arcane Shot — просто дополнительный выстрел, не занимающий времени. Чем и прекрасен. Вред от него так себе, но все-таки…

Жала — Serpent Sting, Viper Sting и Scorpid Sting — очень ценная штука, несмотря на то, что одновременно один охотник может наложить на цель не более одного жала. Первое просто наносит вред 15 секунд, второе быстро (за 8 секунд) вытягивает ману, третье же на 20 секунд весьма существенно снижает силу и ловкость.

Ну почему ее не дают приручить?!

Rapid Fire — великолепная штука, позволяющая стрелять на 40% быстрее (!). Ее портит только пауза между применениями — целых 5 минут. Но Concussive Shot + Rapid Fire нередко вообще не дадут врагу добежать до вас.

Multi-Shot — при одиночной охоте вещь архибесполезная и даже вредная, а в группе порой может пригодиться. Выпускает стрелы сразу по трем мишеням (на высоких уровнях — с дополнительным вредом). Ну и зачем вам три обозленных противника сразу? Примерно то же самое можно сказать о Volley, которая колотит всех врагов в радиусе 8 ярдов 6 секунд раз в секунду: конечно, вред в итоге получается довольно неплохой, но потом мало не покажется. Хорошо сочетать эту способность с Frost Trap (ниже).

Distracting Shot —нужно, если супостат навалился на вашего друга-мага или священника. Позволяет быстро отманить его на себя. Вообще-то охотник — не самый великий «танк», так что нужно это достаточно редко. Экзотический Tranquilizing Shot снимает с цели эффект боевой ярости (Frenzy).

Наконец, Flare показывает всех спрятавшихся и невидимых в 30 ярдах от цели на 30 секунд. Хорошо помогает при PvP.


Комментарий от Eonaar

You can just repeadetly use the Questitem and stand at one spot if you dont want to be bothered running around and get detected.

Комментарий от FullElven

This questline begins with A Change In Seasons when you are a couple thousand out from being Exalted. You absolutely have to have your storyline quests caught up to get it, including getting the quest piece from Xavius in the Emerald Dream.This quest showed up for me after I finished Ephemeral Manastorm Projector and Flow Control. I could have possibly missed it before I headed out to do those, as when I returned, it was available before I even turned those two in. But maybe not.Where I went for this was /way 49.04, 73.67 in Evermoon Commons within Suramar. It’s a house with a bunch of dead Nightfallen that look as if they’d been killed with fel fire. You can just stand there in the corner and do your quest without a problem.I went to /way 49.02, 78.66 for this in Evermoon Bazaar. You can run upstairs and just stand in the corner.For Siren’s Vigil I went to /way 49.41, 85.18 in the canal. Just hung out in the water to do it.*edits because I forgot I had to go to 3 places, and then realized the house didn’t work even though it’s in the quest outline on the map.*

Комментарий от Melandroso

This quest appear a little buggy.First, the quest item to survey with sometimes does not work, even if you have the right area on your mini-map. Moving around a little should solve it.Also, the quest tracker indicates that it is done when you have surveyed the first area — this is not the case. You need to survey all three (conveniently marked for you on your mini-map).

Комментарий от Okarin9213

This quest doesn’t open for me, even after completing the previous 2 and being exalted, any ideas as to why this is happening?

Комментарий от polgaranzsaufang

Make sure you feed Oculeth 50 mana if thats all that comes up when you speak to him. Then the quest in his chat box and icon above his head will appear.

Комментарий от FleckerMan

At about 48.5, 76.5 you can get both of the first two locations with only moving a couple of yards between them.Go via the river to the third to avoid detection. (51, 83 just at the far end of the bridge)

Комментарий от keshka4life1

Not sure if this is how it was meant to do but I grappled up to a high place and just kept using the item for at least one of the spots.

Комментарий от tashstan

I just used my waterwalking mount and ran to 51.22, 75.12 and stood in the water and spammed my «Advanced Telemancy Beacon» that showed up next to my quest. Easy Peasy!

Комментарий от NessieMo

Using the Улучшенный телемантический маяк doesn’t break the Маскарад buff, so it doesn’t matter where you stand. As long as you’re not standing right next to a Срывательница покровов из Сумеречной стражи &c. obviously!

Комментарий от Mydge

Evermoon Commons — 47.72, 77.12 (no pats at all)Evermoon Bazaar — 48.71, 78.40 (one pat to watch out for; Burning Chaplain)Siren’s Vigil — 49.70, 84.46 (in the water, but no pats)Some suggested places to stand. Feel free to post your own below as reply.

Комментарий от SpakyTwo

A check to see where you are in the quest chain. /run for k, v in pairs({change=43502,giving=43562, ephemeral=43563,flow=43564,beacon=43565,AllIn=43567,arcandor=43568}) do print(format(«%s: %s», k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and «Done\124r» or «\124cffff0000Need\124r»)) end

Комментарий от cdhstarz

So I cheesed this quest rather accidentally and you can too (but on purpose). First I took portal out of Shal’aran to The Lunastre Estate. Then I turned and faced my way towards the quest objective. Jumped over the side of the wall and glided into the quest zone with my Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite.I glided until I landed on the roof of a building (the one at 48.12, 73.56 if you were interested). There I just spammed my advanced telemancy beacon until the quest had finished. Flight master’s whistle to get back to Meredil and Shal’aran to turn it all in. Never even stepped foot on the ground where the quest was.edit: this was how I did the first bit for Evermoon Commons but it was also the routine I followed for the other 2 parts and it didn’t work for the marketplace but it got me close enough without aggro-ing anything that I got all three parts done in pretty short order.

Комментарий от Winnowe

I just did this on alt number 5 now, I think, and I just have to say that this is quite possibly one of the most boring quests Blizzard has ever put in the game.


Комментарий от Gobicovil

Get this debuff is good for nothing, but it would be nice if it grants an achievement.The player is then shown on the map to all players in the opposing faction. Whoever can kill him will earn 100 of honor. Also it will drop a loot that will be in the ground, anyone can take it, it does not have to be who killed. And different than the Ящик с военными припасами or Ящик с военными припасами, only those who loot it will receive the prize.Besides being hunted by all of the rival faction, the target of the debuff can no longer fly, nor hitchhike with someone. This limits a lot and makes things more interesting.Another important detail is that getting this debuff the player who is flying will be dismounted. As there is no prior notice it is good to stay tuned and have a survival feature at hand.If you no longer want the debuff, just logout and login, problem solved.If you’re in a raid, having that debuff can be strategic.The target can be used as bait to lure enemies into a region and with the raid’s bracket make more honor. It is extremely important that players in the group protect the debuff target at that time.

Комментарий от Comocosono

Also important to note, if you are bounty hunted and fleeing to draw the enemy away while your team regroups do not use flight paths or hearth, no matter how short the distance(even in same zone), or the bounty is now instantly removed as flight paths and hearthing can temporarily place you into a different shard than the rest of your team.This is an important note because originally the bounty hunted debuff stayed on until logging off or you were killed.

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